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ConnectionsGT's cloud based CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) environment allows businesses to grow and scale at their own pace. Our out of the box  prebuilt API integrations allow business to quickly implement and launch an omni-channel solution that enhances the experiences of both its customers and employees.   

Further streamline engagements and experiences through ConnectionsGT tailored micro-integrations.  Pass information and communications through all existing technology to enhance business processes to further differentiate any business. 

Macro - Integrations

ConnectionsGT's direct partnership with Syniverse automatically gives businesses direct access to standard integrations built within the eco system. Connect voice, text, and chat information into Salesforce, Orcale or Marketo easily to maximize any business's omni-channel communication platform

Micro - Integrations

Maximize communication, work with our consultants and design tailor integrations unique to your business needs.  Build out integrations that enhance customer experience and support your hard working staff.

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